Monday, January 3, 2011

The Plan that’s NOT a Resolution.

How often do you make a New Year’s resolution and then break it? Every Year? Me too. So, this year I’m not going to make any resolutions. Instead I’ve mapped out a plan (Shh, it’s all in the semantics).

I looked back on the year that was and thought to myself, yep, 2010 was a brilliant year. While I may not yet have a book contract, I did continue to get some stories and articles published. I met so many wonderful new friends through social networking. I’ve learnt so much and I’ve grown as a writer.

So my next obvious question is how can I make 2011 even better?

This is my plan:
  • I will read more books
  • I will edit the two novels I wrote in 2010
  • I will start to send out queries on those novels
  • I will write another draft for a new novel
  • I will continue to learn and relearn the craft and the industry
  • I will persevere.

All that might sound like a lot, but if I keep writing first drafts, I’ll get nowhere. If I keep editing, revising, polishing, I’ll get nowhere. If I remain inflexible and throw all my hopes into just one story, I’ll get nowhere. And so my plan is to push forward. I won’t have time to listen to that ever present voice of doubt. I’ll be too busy writing, learning, improving.

What grand plans do you have for this year?

A quick shout out to Ishta. I wanted to officially thank her for sending me a signed copy of Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr as a prize in a blog competition. Please, go visit her great blog and say hi from me.


  1. I like your plan! Push forward. The only thing that can come from that is success!

    Good luck!

  2. A rose, etc. Doesn't matter what you call it -- Best of luck with it. Go, Lynda, Go!

  3. Sound like a perfect plan to me and similar to my plan for 2011.

  4. Sounds like a great plan. I'm planning on finishing at least one of my novels in progress.

  5. I love your plan which is NOT (definitely not) a resolution. Down with resolutions, we need just flexible, non-binding plans :)

  6. Words Crafter, let's hope so! :)

    Mary, thanks :)

    Erinn, yay to our plans!

    Lisa, good luck with your plan too

    Dezzy, yes, yes and yes! Flexibility is important.

  7. Good luck with your plans!! I think they're so amazingly focused and do-able! Perseverance is so important too!!! Yay for you!

    Resolutions are so 2010!!

    Take care

  8. Old Kitty, yes! they are so 2010 (giggle). Besides, resolutions are so breakable but plans are doable :)

  9. Great plan, Lynda! Best of luck carrying out your goals. I definitely want to read more; I feel like it's been ages since I sat down and enjoyed a book.

  10. Keeping occupied is a good plan. Haven't made but one resolution, but I do plan to improve on several fronts. Wishing you success in your endeavours!

  11. Paul, thanks for the luck. I may need it. I don't know how people manage to read 100 books in a year. To me that's seriously impressive. I'd be happy with half that many. I hope you find the time to read. It's so satisfying.

  12. Welcome back sister and Happy New Year! That's my goal too this year: not to make any resolutions that are hard to keep anyway. I don't want to face any changes with fear and doubts because I want the change to start within me. To be reminded that He Who is in us will be faithful to complete the work He started in each of us. May the Lord open an opportunity for your written stuff. That's what I want to...To write even maybe a devotional. But that's only if He wills it. God bless you.

  13. A plan sounds a lot better than a resolution. Why didn't I think of that, damnit?

    Good luck with your goals for this year :)

  14. J L Campbell, good luck on your plans too :)

    Rcubes, getting devotionals published is near impossible unless you have a name and a strong platform already. I know. I've tried. But don't let that stop you. Who knows what God might have planne for you.

    Jamie, hehe. I've tried resolutions so often and they always fail. Thanks for the luck.

  15. I think your plans show how much you accomplished in 2010. They also sound doable. I believe for most people, the road to publication takes time and effort so your plans will keep you moving forward.

    Good luck and happy 2011!

  16. I think you've come up with a great plan. Keep writing, is what I always say. Keep improving your craft. Keep making that next manuscript great and keep coming up with great ideas. Best of luck in the new year!

  17. I don't do resolutions either. I sometimes set goals, but I'm likely plans better every day. Happy New Year.

    Thoughts in Progress

  18. Ya good Plan. I quit smoking new years eve.. then next morning, I woke up :)

  19. I like your plan! I could write first drafts forever too - but if we want to get farther, we've got to do the edit thing as well :) Good luck with it all!

  20. My goal is to write (fully!) book two to my trilogy *grin* feels like a HUGE task but then so did book one, and it's done!

    The Arrival, on Amazon now!

  21. My goals are the same as yours in the writing business of this year, because I'm trying to be the best writer that I can be!

    So, I need to read more, write more, and always learn and relearn about the craft.

    I wish you luck with your resolutions, Lynda. Write on!

  22. Good luck with the not-resolutions! Every single one sounds great -- I look forward to following your journey in 2011!

  23. I made loads of resolutions, 3rd day in and all is well. Though I'm dying for a ciggerette, I have replaced them with pickled onions, seems to be working so far.

    You have a great plan, so good luck to you in 2011

  24. I don't do resolutions either, just goals. My big one for this year is to polish the sequel to my book and have my publisher accept it.

  25. Whether you call them resolutions or goals or plans (har, yes, semantics), I like your list. I definitely want to read more books, and I want to finish my WIP that's been droning on since May. Then of course start another one and continue to learn the writing craft...and, sigh, bounce back like a resilient writer for any rejections. ;o) Good luck!

  26. My plan is to get to know other aspiring writers, and to finish the revision of my YA novel and then to begin querying agents.

  27. To make the best of the move when it happens, to keep submitting and to keep an open mind [to keep growing and improving].

  28. Theresa, the road to publication is painful and rocky but so worth the time and effort. Thanks for the luck :)

    Mary Mary, yes, yes and yes! thanks :)

    Mason, Happy New year to you too

    Major Mack, hahaha yep, I can relate to that

  29. Jemi, I'm not a fan of editing. I too often overthink it all and it drives me crazy (and everyone around me). But it's worth the effort :)

    Nicole, grats on your first book and best wishes for your 2nd :)

    Vatche, wishing you the best for your goals too. it's the right way to go about it.

  30. Amie, yep, I'll definitely keep everyone up to date on the progress. Eek!

    Dempsey, hmm...pickled onions...well, I'm cheering for you. Best of luck with your resolutions

    Alex, best wishes for polishing your sequel. I have no doubt the publisher will accept it.

  31. Carol, yes! I should have added that one about bouncing back from rejections. I will probably be eating a lot of chocolate this year...

    Catherine, great plans! Best of luck with all of them (particularly the querying)

    M Pax, yes! Keeping an open mind is important. The more flexible we are, the better things seem to go.

  32. A good plan. Tomorrow I am posting a link to an article that outlines self publishing and the change of attitude toward that by agents and publishers. I think you should add that to your plan too. I did.

  33. Nancy, my hubby won't let me self publish. But things are so different these days. I'll make him read your article ;)

  34. You have a great plan so far for 2011! BTW, Happy New Year!

    I haven't written up a plan yet for this year, but I will. My hubby stayed home today. (smile) He helped me with all the recycling, errands, insurance stuff, paperwork...It was lovely! Tommorrow I have the house to myself. I'm going to finish up my office and write a plan. :-)

  35. Yuppers, every year I break them ;)

    You have a great plan for 2011... I wish you all the best!

    This year... I plan to find that agent... because FINALLY... I recently finished the book :D

  36. Love your plan, Lynda. Its quite similar to both my plan and post. Hope not just the two of us but all of us stick to it.

  37. I think you're onto something! I'm with you, always failing those New Years Resolutions I make and it's because often times they are unrealistic and I make no goals on how to get there.

    This year I'm with you... let's make a plan and see how we can put it into action.

    I'd like to write another first draft.
    Revise at least one of my three.
    Continue working and finish my current works.
    Continue to be an avid blogger on both of my blogs.
    Keep my life interesting.

    Ah, Feeling better already.


  38. Sharon, I love it when the hubby stays home. He is home for another week for me so my real work won't start until he goes back to work. I do hope you write up that plan :)

    WritingNut, Best of luck with finding that agent!! Huge congrats for finishing your book!!!

  39. Rachna, yep, I hope we all stick to our plans too. I think we will :)

    Jules, plans are great. The decision to do them is even better. I love your plans for this year. All the best with them :)


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