Monday, November 18, 2013

8 Benefits of Writing

I’m in the middle of the fun craziness that is NaNoWriMo at the moment. A little behind, but nothing so bad that I’m freaking out. Consequently, I bring to you today a short fun post to show some benefits to writing. Oh, and I took this photo because writing is as sweet as a strawberry.

1. Writing keeps me sane. Although some days, it doesn’t seem that way. I’m so thankful I have an outlet for storytelling otherwise my brain might implode from the pressure.

2. Writing keeps our loved ones sane. Writing makes a writer happy. If a writer isn’t happy, then the rest of her family suffers.

3. Writing helps me meet a wide variety of people I wouldn’t normally meet. I wouldn’t have met all my wonderful blogging buddies or all my other writing buddies if I wasn’t a writer.

4. Writing opens up my world of experiences. I’m not a naturally adventurous person. If I were left to my own devices, I’d be happy to stay within my close group of friends and not venture out. Writing forces me to be adventurous, to try new things, and meet new people.

5. I can create worlds and destroy them just as fast, if not quicker. A little destruction is good for the soul.

6. Writing clarifies my mind. As a writer, I have to train my thought processes so I’m able to pinpoint exactly what I want to say.

7. Writing increases my vocabulary. I may not bother if I wasn’t a writer or reader.

8. Writing gives me the courage and confidence to express myself.

What are some other benefits to writing you’ve experienced? How are your November projects coming along?

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Top Ten Ways NOT to Make Dinner

Today's fun post (including pictures) is brought to you by Crystal Collier. Also, a quick reminder that the Realms Faire, hosted by M Pax has started and will run from November 11-15. 

Top Ten Ways NOT to Make Dinner


Yeah, bird watching.



Image courtesy of Scott Huber
Tell me you haven't wasted an hour on one of these:


Image courtesy of Greg Verdino

Oh Lolcatz...

Youtube. 'Nuf said.


Tell me you don't play this.



Too busy eating cheese.

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Writer's Many Faces #IWSG

Because I'm in the middle of the frantic craziness that is NaNoWriMo (writing 50k words during the month of November), I thought I'd bring you something a little different for the Insecure Writer's Support Group: a comic strip I drew while taking a break from writing and outlining (click on the image to see it larger).

Can you relate to that aspect of the many faces of writers? Whether you're doing NaNo or not, how is your writing coming along so far this month? Hit any speed humps yet? 

If you'd like hook up with me as a NaNo writing buddy, I'm in as LynFaw.

The Insecure Writer's Support Group is the love-child of Alex J Cavanaugh. We post on the first Wednesday of every month. Everyone is welcome and it's free to join. Sign up HERE

Our website also includes a database of databases of helpful links for writers both new and established.

I would also like to feature Melanie Schulz's new release, The Bashan Agenda.
The Newstead Trilogy is one story in three parts, The Bashan Agenda, part two, picks up right where The Newstead Project left off. Nathan's truck eventually stops in the small town of Wilson, NY, and Rachel's still in it, not that she wants to be. But she figures at least in Wilson she'll be able to have a fresh start. She forgot one thing: they can be anywhere. As Joel trains with his father, doubts begin to rise in his mind. Is he really who he claims to be- and more importantly does he have an agenda all his own? When the maps to Bashan come out, Joel realizes maybe it's not such a good idea to be putting so much trust in one man.

The Bashan Agenda is available on:
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