Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Author Envy #IWSG

The IWSG question of the month: Do you ever get Author envy?

My answer is yes, of course. But I want to add that not all envy is bad. Here's why:

When we look at the success of other authors, not only can envy come for a ride, but with it a desire to analyze how that author found success. In many ways, envy can become a drive to improve the way we write, the way we market. It may bring with it the crucial questions we need to ask ourselves: What does it take to become successful? What is success to me?

I once met a writer who thought his path to success was through writing novels. He tried this route for many years until he forced himself to stop and wonder why he found no satisfaction. That's when he asked the difficult questions and discovered the truth. He was a short story writer at heart. When he shifted his goals, he found not only satisfaction but success.

Everything I read inspires me in some way. When I read something exceptional, my analytical brain switches on and I ask myself what exactly is it that engaged me with the story? How has the writer tugged my emotional strings so perfectly? How can I improve my work so it touches readers in a similar way? When I read published work that I perceive as not as great yet seems to have found success, I remind myself  to stop delaying, stop striving for perfection and just get my stories out there. There's an audience for everyone. I just have to find mine.

Envy is only bad when you let it stop you from moving forward, when you fool yourself into thinking you'll never be good enough and give up. Keep improving, keep reading, keep writing and get your work out there.

What does success mean to you? Does envy drive you forward or hold you back? 

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