Wednesday, February 7, 2018

The Love of the Science Fiction and Fantasy

While I have a Christian non-fiction book out at the moment, Cling to God: A Daily Devotional, my most loved genre to write in is actually Fantasy and Science Fiction. Sometimes I write it for the young adult audience and sometime for adult. I have a number of novels, novelettes and short stories. All of them are currently in the proverbial drawer. Or they were. Recently, I pulled them out and started reading through them, which made me realise they aren't so bad. They need to be shared. So my plan is to start publishing them. But not yet. They need a little extra editing, they need cover designs, taglines, and formatting. I want to do it right because I love them.

Why do I love them? The joy of Fantasy and Sci-Fi is that almost anything can happen. They can be an exploration through a what-if, an escape into a remarkable world, an adventure to carry us away. They can scare us, delight us, and turn this ordinary world we live in into something exquisitely extraordinary. I love all the possibilities and the magic that entails.

What do you love about your favourite genres?

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