Wednesday, February 6, 2019

The Need for Creative Outlets #IWSG

Writers are creative creatures. Whether we are currently writing up a storm, editing, or doing something else entirely, we need that creative outlet. So often when asked why we write, the answer you'll get is, "Because I must." But honestly I don't think that it's so much about the expression through the written word in particular. I think it's more about expression--in any form.

Lately I've been writing up that storm I mentioned earlier. I've also been editing for another writer. In the past I've put my focus in traditional art which included mediums like oil painting, ink drawing, then less traditional mediums like 3D animation and digital art. As many of you know, I've also thrown myself into photography.

Over time, I'm sure I'll discover something else that takes my interest as well, something just as creative. For now, I'm loving my writing and photography most of all.

How about you? What creative outlets do you have?

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