Wednesday, July 7, 2021

5 Reasons to Quit Writing #IWSG

The question of the month for the IWSG: What would make you quit writing? 

I thought about this question for some time and decided to focus on the word quit. Plenty of things have caused me to take a break from writing, but I’ve yet to quit altogether. So below is my carefully curated list of reasons that would make me quit writing. 

1. The zombie apocalypse. I imagine it would be difficult to write on the run from slathering zombies who want nothing more than the taste of my sweet, sweet brains. But then, maybe I wouldn’t quit. To occupy my time while holed up in my zombie-proof fort, I’d likely write manuals to help others to avoid the infestation. 

2. Stranded on a deserted island with no writing materials. Even then, I’d write stories in my head at night, or find a way to record my thoughts. Maybe I’d create paper from seaweed and ink from sea slugs. 

3. Abducted by aliens. Nope, not even then. That would likely give me even more reason to write. 

 4. If I were offered a million bucks to stop writing—nope, make that a BILLION, and even then, I’d likely keep writing under an alias. Because writing! 

 5. If I found something more creative and expressive than writing. Yep, that’s likely the only thing in this world that would stop me from writing. 

I must have that creative output, otherwise I get grumpy or depressed or both. So it’s in everyone’s best interest if I continue to create. 

How about you? What would make you quit your favourite creative outlet? 

This post was written for the IWSG. Every first Wednesday of the month, members post on their blogs about their writing insecurities or offer some encouragement to others. If you are new to the IWSG or want to learn more, then please go HERE.