Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Simple Writing Advice 101 #IWSG

The IWSG (Insecure Writer's Support Group) is, as the name implies, a group of writers who are eager to support each other. We learn from each other, grow together and become better writers as a result. To write in isolation is a mistake. Yes, it takes hours of sitting alone in a seat, pulling words together into something vaguely intelligible. Despite that, at regular intervals it's important to get up, share, interact, live. At times that might seem scary, especially when it comes to sharing our work, the creation we slaved over for so long. My simple advice is this: Get over that fear and get involved. Share your work, listen to other opinions, discover new opportunities. It gets easier with practice.

How was my 2017? I thought 2016 was a roller coaster. How wrong I was. They had better not come as a hat trick.  

How was your 2017? How has sharing your work changed your writing?

If you'd like to join the IWSG or know more about the group, click HERE. We have lots of helpful resources on the website and in free books, competitions during the year, a Twitter Pitch Party coming up in January and lots more.