Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Dealing with Distractions #IWSG

IWSG Question of the month: How do you deal with distractions when you are writing? Do they derail you? 

For me, the biggest distraction from writing is noise. Noisy neighbours, construction clanging and banging, angle grinders, people talking around me or to me.

My solution: Headphones and carefully curated playlists. 

When I write, I can't listen to music with lyrics. It has to be instrumental only. Often I'll pick music that matches the mood of the scene I'm writing. I have a huge playlist full of epic cinematic style music. James Paget, Michael Maas, Hans Zimmer, deadmau5, Steve Jablonsky. and some Thirty Seconds to Mars. To name a handful. Mostly big sounds. I also have a collection of softer music too, but my heart is with the big stuff.

How about you? What's your biggest distraction and how do you cope?

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