Wednesday, January 7, 2015

An Introduction for the New Year #IWSG

I hope everyone had a brilliant break over Christmas and the New Year. Mine was super relaxing and fun. Everything I needed.

At the IWSG, we thought we’d start the New Year with a small introduction. So here goes:

As some of you know, last year saw a few changes in my life. I’ve taken on even more. Not only do I call myself a writer, but I’m also a game developer for the IOS platform, a 3D animator, a 2D artist, a narrative designer, an administrator for the IWSG, a photographer, a fully-fledged geek, a composer, a crazy person.

I write sci-fi short stories and sci-fi and fantasy novels for young adults. I’m also an editor because it appears I’m far better at spotting flaws in other people’s work than in my own. Which is common and also why every writer needs an editor, no matter how much they cringe at the red pen.

Above all, I’m a Christian. I’ve even written a daily devotional and hope to self-publish it this year—as soon as I find the time to work out how.

So that’s me in a … well, nutshells are too cramped, so let’s call it a treasure chest encrusted with shinies. Because I like things that sparkle.

How about you? Tell me a little about yourself. Have you also taken on a lot more than you ever imagined you could handle? How did you manage it?

Note: As a consequence of taking on so much, I’ve decided something has to give. Last year I tried to do absolutely everything and it didn’t work. So, I’ll be officially stepping back a little more from blogging and will only be posting once a month on IWSG day (the first Wednesday of every month). Occasionally I’ll need to post more, but that will be special circumstances only. I hope everyone will understand. 

Photo: I took this pic on Mare in the South Pacific. It's the epitome of relaxation.