Wednesday, October 5, 2022

When Life gets in the Way of Writing #IWSG

Life is a mite intense at the moment. Plans have been thrown out the window. Worries have multiplied. I'm not even home. I'm six hours away! There ain't no writing time for this struggling writer. When life gets in the way of writing, there are ways of coping, ways of moving forward, ways of taking it in and storing it all up to turn into inspiration later.

So if you know those ways, please share ;)

But seriously, I'm fine. Everybody is fine. God willing, I'll be back soon and I'll do the rounds then. In the meanwhile take care and be kind to yourselves.

This post was written for the IWSG. Every first Wednesday of the month, members post on their blogs about their writing insecurities or offer some encouragement to others. If you are new to the IWSG or want to learn more, then please go HERE.