Wednesday, April 5, 2023

A Writer's Dreams vs Reality #IWSG

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IWSG Question of the month: Do you remember writing your first book? What were your thoughts about a career path on writing? Where are you now and how is it working out for you? If you're at the start of the journey, what are your goals? 

When I was bright eyed and bushy tailed, full of unrealised dreams, I decided I wanted to be a writer. I had no idea how to make that a reality. All I wanted was for my stories to be in every bookshop across the world and to have movies made from my books. Not too much to ask, right? 

I shake my head at my younger self. At that stage, I hadn’t even written a book. So that’s where I started. I threw everything into it. If I only could’ve won on enthusiasm alone. 

First mistake: Other than reading a lot of my favourite genre, I did no research. I had no idea what made a good book, structurally or otherwise. Consequently, my first book was not up to scratch. It was insanely long. Some chapters were 10k plus words. For a single chapter! And that’s just one of its many flaws. 

I had no idea how to approach agents and publishers. Which agents? Which publishers? What was a query letter? What was a synopsis? I hadn’t even wondered how to get my story across in any form of interesting manner that might pique ANYone’s interest. Erm, it’s a fantasy. Lots of adventure and stuff. You’ll love it. 

I soon realised this dream of mine wasn’t going to fall into my lap. I finally did the research. How to write, how to structure, how to edit. I also researched my genre of choice, preferable book lengths, chapter lengths, story beats. And I wrote a whole new book. Then I edited it and edited it some more. Then delved into the business part: finding an agent. 

Second mistake: I gave up too easily. I convinced myself my new book wasn’t good enough. So I stopped looking for an agent and started writing another book. (As if I couldn’t do the two things at the same time). I went through the process again. And did the same thing again. 

Then life got in the way. 

When I finally got back to writing and publishing, life had taught me a tough lesson: It’s short. After some mighty rough times, I wanted control back. So, I took the self-publishing route and haven’t looked back since. 

I’m proud of my books. I love the stories I’ve written. I’m living the dream where I can continue to write what I want, when I want, all within the parameters based on my research of what readers want to read. Life is continuing to throw those nasty curveballs, but I’m not stressed about my writing. As long as people are still reading my stories and enjoying them, then I’m in a good place. And that makes me smile. 

What makes you smile? 


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