Wednesday, December 1, 2021

The Stresses and Delights of Writing #IWSG

Writing is a mixed bag of hard-boiled candy that will break your teeth, and soft chews that will wash sweetness over all your senses. 

The Hard-boiled: 

Letting go of my babies. When I’ve created a story, and it’s time to edit, I break my teeth (as it were) on the yearning for greatness, the striving for perfectionism, the dream of it going out there with exactly what I wanted to say with no errors or misunderstandings. I want my stories to touch lives, to grant sparks of laughter, to offer moments of comfort. I want them to bring insight, joy, escapism, and adventure. I want them to do wonderful things. 

And once I’ve let go enough to publish the stories, more stresses rush in. How will they be received? Will people love them? Will they hate them? Will people even find them, and if they do, will they buy them? 

Which leads me to another stress: the marketing. Am I doing it right? Do I have the right cover? The right blurb? The right story?! I know I should be more consistent with social media, but I’m not a huge fan of it. I’d rather sit in a corner and eat anchovies on stale bread…. Shudder. But I get a lot of sales through social media. It’s where people find my stories. It’s where I’ve met so many wonderful people… 

The Sweet Chews: 

Making connections. I’ve connected with so many people I never would’ve met without my writing. And I treasure every single one of them. And when I get a fan letter or a five-star review, oh my gosh, what a joy! They remind me that I don’t write in isolation. They remind me my words have an impact, a purpose, and they can make a difference. That’s exciting! 

And when I write—just let go and write—I’m transported. My world expands. My mind engages in a way that adds depth to my life. I feel whole. 

Writing is in my blood, and I must answer its call. 

How about you? What are your ups and downs with writing? 

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Wishing everyone a safe and peaceful Christmas and an awesome New Year.

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