Monday, May 25, 2020

Wielder's Fire Launch Day

I've been working super hard to make this happen and at last, the Wielder's Storm series is complete. The final book in the trilogy, Wielder's Fire, releases today. Grab your copy quickly while it's still at a special launch discount of only $2.99

Today I'm over at Diane Burton's blog. (I'll be there shortly. My timezone difference meant I needed to post earlier). Please pop on over and say hi. 

What is Wielder's Fire about?
Wielder’s Fire is the thrilling conclusion to the sweeping Wielder’s Storm trilogy. Lose yourself in this epic fantasy adventure set on the high seas.

Jasmine's secrets have been laid bare. The one who was supposed to love her, stripped her of her magic. Now she’s shipwrecked on a forsaken island with nothing but her anger and determination to keep her warm at night. Alone and defenseless against a powerful enemy, she must find a way to survive.

She will get her magic back.

She will escape the island.

She will face the enemy and defeat it once and for all.

But how can she when her heart is blistered to a crisp?

One fierce step at a time.

For fans of Sarah J. Maas and Leigh Bardugo, who love exciting tales with dark secrets and unexpected twists.

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Wielder's Fire, the thrilling conclusion to the #YAFantasy Wielder's Storm trilogy, is out today! #Free w/ #KindleUnlimited @ellecardy

Wielder's Fire, the thrilling conclusion to the #YAFantasy Wielder's Storm trilogy, is out today! The exciting series is #Free w/ #KindleUnlimited @ellecardy

Her secrets have been laid bare, her magic stripped from her. She has nothing left except a fire in her soul to defeat the oncoming storm. Wielder's Fire OUT NOW @ellecardy #Free w/ #KindleUnlimited #EpicFantasy #fantasyreads

Marooned on an island, stripped of her magic, she must find a way to mend her heart and defeat the oncoming storm. The thrilling conclusion is OUT NOW. Get the trilogy #fantasybooks #YAFantasy #epicreads #fantasyreads #FREE w/ #KindleUnlimited


And don't forget to say hi to Diane and check out my guest post.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Wielder's Fire and Writing in the Zone

At last I can announce the launch date for Wielder's Fire, the third and final book in my Wielder's Storm trilogy. 25th May! I'm super excited.

The first two books are currently available for free on Kindle Unlimited.

Wielder's Prize: Without training or discipline in the art of magic wielding, she is a danger to everyone, but there is someone worse on the high seas who wants her dead.

Wielder's Curse: Dark visions haunt her. Shadowy assassins stalk him. Together they must stop a powerful enemy from destroying their world.

Wielder's Fire: Marooned on an island, stripped of her magic, Jasmine must find a way of mending her heart and defeating the oncoming storm.

What are your rituals when you need help getting into the ZONE?

Below is my daily ritual when I'm editing. It looks different when I'm writing a first draft. With first drafts, I'm more focused, but that might be because I handwrite them while relaxed on the comfy couch. A necessary choice for less distractions.

After breakfast, I go for a morning walk.
Ready to start working, I sit down at my computer and check my sales. Because I can't help myself.
I check my emails for anything urgent.
My desk cries out to be cleaned and organized.
Nope. I have work to do!
I open the file I'm editing.
I stare at it for ten seconds then realize I need a glass of water...
and maybe some chocolate...
I settle back and check my emails again.
I do some editing...
until I come to a difficult section that requires more thought.
I stretch.
I get more water.
Facebook calls.
I ignore it.
Facebook calls again. I check it.
Fitbit tells me I need to get up and move around.
Why not? It's a good time to grab more chocolate. Don't judge. I'm editing!
I do a bunch of editing.
My stomach tells me it's time for real food.
Brain stops functioning mid-afternoon.
I try to keep working anyway.
I fail.
I give up and play a game, or read, or go for another walk.

As for "helping me get into the zone" for work? Well, it's more just a matter of deciding to stop being distracted and get on with it. Scheduling the same time each day to write/edit also helps. Deadlines are awesome too. Oh, and when the hubby is being super distracting because he is working from home due to the pandemic and we share the office, I put on headphones and listen to epic music (nothing with lyrics). That works a treat.

What are your rituals? What do you do to focus?

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