Wednesday, November 7, 2018

My Evolution of Creativity #IWSG

This month’s optional IWSG question: How has your creativity in life evolved since you began writing? 

I guess, when I began writing I was super focused and super enthusiastic. There was so much I didn’t know and that ignorance was blissful in so many ways. I had big crazy dreams and nothing was going to hold me back. Then I started to learn more about how to write and how not to write, and I realized much of my writing fell into the category of how not to. That’s when I first started experiencing doubts. Maybe my big dreams weren’t as accessible as I first thought. Maybe this dream of mine was going to be way more difficult than expected.

I took a break from writing because reality set in and I needed to earn a living. I turned to art and that got me through. Then about ten years later, writing called me back. Fresh enthusiasm had a hold of me and I wrote up a storm. Meanwhile the publishing world had changed. There were more people than ever wanting to get recognized and become the next household name. There were also more voices than ever telling me I was doing it wrong.

Eventually I set aside three finished manuscripts, thinking they were no good. Years later—this year, in fact—I read through them and realized they were actually pretty okay. I was shocked. And I was horrified that I’d listened too much to others and not enough to my heart. All that lost time gone because of stupid doubts.

Consequently, I’m working on a series for one of those manuscripts so I can release them next year. And I plan to do the same for the others. Nothing will stop me this time. Some factors might slow me down, but I will continue to charge forward. I learned I write best when I remember how much I love writing. Simple as that.

What’s your evolution? 

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