Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Why We Don’t Need to Stress over the Writing #IWSG

Immersed in game design as I currently am, I was thinking about what I liked about certain games over others. One of the major elements is beautiful art. The imagery can come from a range of different styles, as long as it’s gorgeous or awesome in some way. However, the art isn’t what holds me to a game and keeps me playing. There needs to be more to it—fun game play, a great plot, perhaps achievements to strive toward. And the list goes on.

This inevitably led my thoughts to writing. It’s not enough to have gorgeous writing. You also need an engaging plot, interesting characters, something to draw the readers to the end of the book so they come away with a satisfying experience.

And that’s why it’s important not to stress over the writing. If you want to make writing your career, then focus first on the story and get that right. Make sure the concept is marketable, the characters are engaging, and the holes are puttied so it holds together from beginning to end. Then fix the writing.

It needs repeating: Don’t stress over the writing. Our time is better spent getting the story right. The rest is fixable.

Do you stress over all those little details before the big details are sorted? What do you do to manage your time and your stress?

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