Monday, August 3, 2015

On Pushing Through To Get It Done #IWSG

I’m deeply immersed in crazy time at the moment. ‘What is this crazy time?’ I hear you ask. Having delved into game development, the crazy time comes in many forms. The strongest source is the incredibly steep learning curve. I might’ve spent nine years in the animation industry, but that was a while ago and many things have changed since. I’ve had to learn new programs, new ways of doing things, and whole new concepts, like reflection maps, light probes, animator controllers, programming…The list goes on endlessly. And if it’s not the learning-new-stuff struggles, it’s the standard-stuff struggles every artist, writer, creative has to face—like, did I achieve the goal I was reaching for in this scene? Did I capture the right mood? …and on and on.

The struggles can become a heavy weight and, if left unchecked, will trigger those all-too-familiar doubts. So how do I push through? I look back at how far I’ve come and am amazed at how the old issues are no longer a struggle. There will always be new issues, new struggles, and there will always be those standard struggles that are a normal part of the creative process. The only way through, however, is to keep going. Don’t let the struggles defeat you. Celebrate what you have achieved, have a modicum of faith in yourself that you can get through, and know it’s worth the angst in the end.

What are you struggling with at the moment? How do you push through?

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