Friday, November 19, 2010

Awards n Writing Project Update

So many of us are busy with the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) or other writing projects that sap our time and drag us into a huge black hole where our friends and family start to think we’ll never be seen again. My project is coming along slowly but surely. Yesterday I tidied up an outline for the later part of the novel because I needed to see the story with a clearer vision. I needed to put my characters in more danger. How about you? How are your projects coming along?

Next week I will continue my series about the writer’s conference I attended last weekend, but right now I wish to thank my lovely blogging friends for the awards they passed on.

The Magical Blog Award: This one was designed and created by Alexia. It’s a fantastic award and I’d suggest everyone go to her blog and say hi from me. Thanks so much Alexia.

The Beautiful Blogger Award: This one was given to me by L’Aussie. If you haven’t already guessed, she is another Aussie writer like me. Please check out her blogs. She has many to choose from. Go here for her writing blog.

From Me to You Award: Thanks so much to Margo. Again, please visit Margo and say hi from me. This award came with rules: list 7 things about yourself and pass on to 7 people. So here goes: I’m a short writer who loves words and dreams big and easily gets distracted, but owns a cute cat and a gorgeous husband who look after me. Hmm, technically that’s 8 things. Oh well.

And now for the passing on of the awards: Because there are three here and I don’t have time to check everyone’s blog to see if you have a particular one already, please pick the award you want.

Dezmond @ Hollywood Spy (also known to me as Dezzy-baby-hun): I know you have heaps of awards already, but you are a legend. You have a cool blog and you always have something intelligent to say.

Carol Riggs @ Artzicarol Ramblings: While you post only once a week, it’s not about quantity, it’s about quality. You’ve become a great blogger friend.

Christina Lee @ Write-Brained: A relatively new follower, but not a new blogger, I enjoy your fun posts and great comments.

The Golden Eagle @ The Eagle’s Aerial Perspective: Another great blogger who is celebrating her 200 plus followers. You’ve finished NaNo already and I’m so jealous. You always have great and interesting posts.

Susan Fields @ Susan Fields: You are another great blogger friend who deserves an award. Thanks for your fun posts and great comments.


  1. I'm not a NaNo-er but wanted to wish you much luck. Just a bit of time left and I hope you complete the challenge.

    Happy writing and best of fun, to you.

  2. AWWWW! You are SO sweet! Thanks very much for the sentiments and the award! And yes, it's true I only post once a week--and that's partly because I'm protective of my own writing time. heehee (But I've also been being a critiquer buddy.)

    Thanks again, Ms. Down Under!

  3. Congratulations on the awards! And thank you so much for awarding me! I really do appreciate it. :)

    Good luck with your NaNo--I know you can do it!

  4. Whisk, thanks for the luck. I think I'll need it. ;)

    Carol, blogging takes a LOT of time but it's great fun. Writing takes up even more time. I sometimes wonder why we do this to ourselves. (only sometimes)

  5. Golden, glad you like the award. Which one did you pick? Thanks too for the NaNo luck. (Much needed)

  6. Congrats on your awards, Lynda!


  7. Good luck with your project!!! And Congratulations with all your fab awards!! Yay! Take care

  8. Thanks for all the congratulations, Jai, Old Kitty and Laura :)

  9. Yeay! Congratulations on your awards!!

  10. Congratulations!!! May many more blessings keep raining down on you sister. God bless you always.

  11. first - I hope the family won't call the reinforcements to save you from the NaNoWriMoMania ;)

    second - congrats on the lovely awards, there's no one else in this blogosphere more deserving of them than our dear Lyndylove ;)

    third- thanks for passing an award to me, I'll put the Magical one over at my award's side-bar so that the whole world could see it :) I'm deeply honoured, touched and much obliged :) Sending kisses Down Under (now, that sounded ambiguous :)

  12. Thanks for the award, Lynda! I'm off to check out the other recipients.

  13. Congratulations on the awards and on your progress, Lynda! My progress in my NaNo project is at 36,708. I have 12 days to go and unfortunately just came a little under the weather. But I must press on no matter what!

  14. Great job on NaNo! Everyone doing it deserves an award. congrats on your awards, and the blogs you mention are awesome & award-worthy as well.

  15. Hiya, Lynda! I chose the beautiful blogger award cuz I like the design, and I made a linky to your site. *cyberwriterhugs*

  16. Congrats on your awards Lynda. I so covet the Magical Award. I have followed Alexia, so here's hoping...

    Lovely awards, lovely people. I'm working on my own special award. I was going to wait til I finished NaNo, but I'm a multi-tasker, Ha Ha...

    Nearly up to 30,000 words! You go girl. What made me come over was I saw your comment at Alexia's where you said your husband shouted you a bottle of bubbly for passing halfway. Of course, I had to whine to husband, so he's going to make sure I get all the bubbles I want tonight when we go out for our usual Friday night de-stress drink.

    Only a week to go! (I don't write weekends so it is for me!)

  17. Revisions. Coming along, but sooooo slow.

  18. Congrats on both your awards and progress!

  19. Congrats on the awards! I'll check out the links...

  20. You sound busy! I have pulled out my project and making myself read it through before writing more on it. It is at 30,000 words and I want to be sure it has the tone I want.

  21. Congrats on your awards, Lynda. You deserve all these awards. And congrats to your awardees too.

  22. Colene, thanks

    Rcubes, thanks so much for your blessings :)

    Dezzy-baby-hun, 1. I got bubbly for the half way point in NaNo. Woo Hoo.

    2. aw, thank you so much

    3. yay for the Magical award!

  23. Susan, any time. You deserve it :)

    Jeffrey, you have awesome progress. Sorry to hear you aren't feeling so hot. 13k in 12 days sounds doable though. Get back to work. Mushy mushy!

    Karen, Thanks so much for the congrats. I think everyone who does NaNo deserves an award too ;)

  24. Carol, yay! I'm so pleased! You deserve it! And thanks for the linky.

    L'Aussie, thanks so much. I hope last night you got your bubbly. You definitely deserve it. Scary when you say it like that too...only one week to go? EEK! (I don't write on the weekends either although today I have to because Thursday I had to break from NaNo to clear some thinking)

  25. Vegas, good to hear about your revisions. Sometimes they are slow. In fact, usually they take up the majority of the time needed to write a book.

    Kelly, Margo and Pat, thanks

    Christina, you deserve it!

    Terri, it's good to reimmerse yourself into a project after a break. Best of luck with it.

    Rachna, thanks so much :)

  26. Well, at least it's coming along. That's great!

    Congrats on your lovely awards.

  27. I'm glad you were able to pass on the award! Me, I'm still working on my major rewrite.

  28. Clarissa, thanks :)

    Alexia, rewrites can be daunting. I hope you stick with it.

  29. Congrats on the awards and also to the recipients!

    I'm about 11k away from completing nano, but not the actual story. It will take a bit more. I'm looking forward to taking December off before diving into the editing process....

  30. Words Crafter, 11k to go for NaNo is brilliant. I won't be finished at 50k either but that's okay. I'm going to try to keep up the pace.


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