Monday, November 8, 2021

On Gratitude

Because of the recent launch of the new edition of Cling to God: 365-Day Devotional, I'm out and about more than usual. (I've been a bit of a hermit the last few months for various reasons, one of which is getting this book ready for its exciting release into the world). 

So, today I'm over at Patricia Josephine/Lynne's blog, writing about gratitude. Please pop on over to check it out and say hi. 

A big thanks to Patricia and my lovely supporters, helpers, and readers. You are all so wonderful. I deeply appreciate all of you.


For something different, I'm also taking part in a book promo, so if you love Epic Fantasy reads, then you might find a new treasure in this lot: HERE

Don't forget to check out Patricia Josephine/Lynne's blog.

What's your favourite genre to read? Do you have a tendency to hermit away when you get busy or life becomes more of a challenge than usual?



  1. I'm going there too. I'd like to hermit when life gets busy but I usually have too much to do during those times to stay at home.

    1. Yeah the busyness gets me out and about too...depending on what makes me busy, of course :P

  2. Hi Lynda - I'll be over shortly ... all the best as you get stuck into the publishing and marketing aspects your book deserves. Take care - cheers Hilary


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