Saturday, April 2, 2011

Blessed or Cursed?

The creative mind is a strange one. I will carry us into fearful and wonderful places. We flirt with insanity as we work and rework our creations. So, are we Blessed or cursed?

I say it’s all in our attitude. If we say we are cursed then we begin to act that way. If, however, we say we are blessed then the crazy times don’t weigh us down so much. We can get through the edits, we can conquer the queries, and surmount the rejections.

Do you feel blessed or cursed right now? Why?

Note: This post is part of the A-Z Challenge. I will be posting Monday-Saturday during April corresponding to the letters of the alphabet.


  1. Blessed. I love what I do and we might not have to move. :D Yay!

  2. Blessed! The power of positive thinking rules the day. :)

  3. I think its a curse that we are blessed with!

    LIKE TWINS! hehehe

  4. B for blessed!! I like this very much!! Oh ultimately blessed, I think. I think cursed as I plod through edits but blessed when I finish a sentence to perfection! Take care

  5. Wow, you're on B already, I'm only halfway through April Fool's on my side of the globe. And yes, I'm blessed.

  6. It's so hard to keep going, to be positive, isn't it.

  7. we are wonderfully cursed and we wouldn't want it to be any other way :)

  8. Oh this is a good one! I can't say if I am blessed or cursed...I think a little bit of both.:)

  9. least right now.;)

  10. Both,depending on how many demands everyone else is putting on me. Blessed or cursed, can't have one without the other.

  11. Alex, lol

    M Pax, yay!

    Lisa, yay for positive thinking :)

    Read, hehe

    Old Kitty, yes exactly!

    Toby, yep, I'm ahead of my time ;)

    Carole, but worth it :)

    Dezzy, yes, yes and yes! So true!

    Mist, indeed

    Holly, yay

    Siv, indeed

  12. All the junk (ahem) we go through makes us who we are, so yes it is a blessing. The road we take makes us stronger better people even if it doesn't always feel like it or we don't understand it.

  13. I call myself Blessed.

    BTW, this is my first B I'm reading, still 6pm here. :)

  14. Blessed. Because no matter what, anyone who tells stories for a living (or even just for fun) is enjoying life to the full. :-)

  15. Wow, interesting post; I kind of feel both. I was published blessed, but my art work was covered up. They liked the way I wrapped it...cursed?!
    Nice to meet you~

  16. I feel very's nice. ;)

  17. I always feel blessed no matter what happens.


  18. it's a blessing most of the time, until either my ideas bother me when i'm trying to sleep, or i'm banging my head against the keyboard as i try to overcome writer's block (er.. perfectionism).

  19. Right now it is still Friday for me- but I think I feel blessed.

  20. Hey, found you on the A-Z challenge. Your blogging advice is really helpful. Look forward to doing the challenge with you!

  21. I feel priveledged. I got time to write, a community to interact with, all the books I desire, the world of the interenet.

    Plus magazines let you send your stories. I was quite surprised about that, I thought they might have a list or something. I've got opportunity.

    Good times.

  22. I wouldn't swap places with anyone, so I feel I got a pretty good deal in life :)

    Wagging Tales - Blog for Writers

  23. I feel blessed, because I'm an overall positive person. Despite the difficulties and obstacles, I enjoy writing and I'm accomplishing goals.

  24. That's so true. One's mindset, I find, is always going to determine how one gets through life.

  25. Have to say, feeling a little of the latter. RL has had me working late hours this week and delaying my editing progress. I shall overcome though, am sure!

    Happy Saturday! ;-)

  26. Blessed, despite not working on the writing near as much as I normally do. Great post.

  27. Blessed. All the time, even when I'm angry and stomping around and seething with creative ideas for revenge that I'd never, ever act on. Being blessed keeps me in check. Always.

    I just happened to glance at your followers badge. Cool-right now it reads 555! Something about that just pleases me, lol :)

  28. Blessed! Especially since I've started with a prayer for words every morning and a dip into my devotional wip before I fire up the internet and check everything else. May all of you be blessed today.

  29. My wife and I take this matter very seriously. We are truly blessed and I pray every morning that God would bless us as we are coming in and as we are going out. I've got to get us a door mat that says this.

  30. Blessed, because I get to do something I love with a passion, every day of my life.

    (That's how I feel now, anyway.)


  31. I feel very blessed. One day my mind will not be all together or won't work at all and I will be cursed. Right now I have to take advantage of all the creativity that I have right now.

  32. Definitely blessed. Especially since I don't have to have a day job, so I can concentrate on what I love to do with more of the day at my disposal.

    Happy weekend, Lyn!

  33. I think it's a curse when we don't act upon our blessings. Easy as ABC.

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  34. Blessed beyond measure! Grace and Peace.

  35. I'm not sure I would say I am blessed or cursed. I'm trying to work hard with the little time I have and the majority of the time I love it. Saying that though, I do feel a little cursed when i obsess about my word count!

  36. Most days I think it's both. But, I try to focus on what the blessing are.

  37. 99% of the time I feel blessed. Then there are those dark moments were I think I must be mad or cursed!

    Ellie Garratt

  38. I'm feeling cursed at the moment because my internet keeps crashing. sighhhh

  39. I feel both, Blessed as well as Cursed. If the writing is going good, then its a huge Blessing, if its not going all that well or I am battling distractions and disruptions , then I really feel Cursed.

    Loved the previous post. I am currently reading Writing Craft Books to improve my writing.

  40. Absolutely blessed, though the title of my WIP is actually Cursed! I'm in a great revision groove right now and having a ball.

  41. Definitely blessed. There are so many good things in my life, it's hard not to!

  42. Totally blessed and attitude is everything (see my first post in the challenge!) I know that if I look in the mirror one day and I'm fat and the next day I look great - it isn't the mirror and it isn't my body - it's my 'tude!
    Jan Morrison

  43. Blessed is the only way to go about life. Anything less will take you down the path of insanity :) For a slightly more pessimistic look on it - things could always be worse :P

  44. what a great reflection. At the moment, I'm feeling cursedly blessed... blessedly cursed? Decisions can be so stressful, so I'm trying to keep it in perspective.

    Thanks for the uplift~ :o)

  45. This post says it perfectly - it's all about perception and things are only as good or as bad as you let them be. Mostly I'm blessed with a sprinkle of cursed to keep me grounded. LOL. :)

  46. Blessed, always blessed. I somehow, despite a rocky childhood with all kinds of physical and emotional trauma, ending up being the eternal optimist. Sometimes annoyingly so, I am sure. Love the rainbow. Will follow you to see where you head on the A-Z. Beautiful blog, BTW.

  47. Sharon, yes, every experience we have -- good and bad -- shapes us into the writers we are.

    Myne, yep, I'm ahead of my time here in Australia. I've set my posts to publish at 7am. (often I'm still in bed lol)

    Kiernan, I love your reasoning :)

    Ella, it is very much an up and down thing.

    Ibdiamond, awesome

    Lisa, yay

    L'Aussie, great attitude!

    Michelle, lol

    Summer, it's a good way to be

  48. Marjorie, looking forward to doing the challenge with you also :)

    Deborah, good times indeed

    Charmaine, yep!

    Medeia, awesome

    Jessica, so true

    Talei, good luck :)

    Jeffrey, yay

    Words, That's fantastic...and you are such a sweetie :)

  49. Zan, beautiful

    Stephen, I need one of those door mats as well :)

    Misha, awesome

    Regina, yes, now is the time

    Carol, yes! Me too :)

    Lee, so true

    Trevor, grace and peace indeed :)

    Kari, great :)

    Rebecca, haha I can relate

    Clarissa, same. It's a good plan.

  50. Ellie, 99% is good!

    Niki, argh! I can't survive without the internet

    Rachna, thanks..and that's good to hear :)

    Amie, it's fantastic when we find the groove!

    Talli, yes exactly

    Jan, so, so true!

    Tyrean, Awesome

    Jamie, hahaha so true

    LTM, hugs

    CherylAnne, yes, good point. These thigns do keep us grounded.

    Jeanne, thanks and welcome! I took Sunday of and I have a lot of catching up to do

  51. I feel blessed, most definitely. Even though I flirt with insanity on a daily basis, I'm doing what I love most in the world, the thing I've dreamed of doing since I could string a sentence together.


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