Friday, July 23, 2010

How We Write

Today is a great example of why I need to preschedule my posts for the week. On a Friday morning my WIP is whispering sweet nothings in my ear and I’m eager to get into it before the weekend distracts me. It’s currently 9am and I’ve usually posted by 7am. My writing day (for my WIP) starts in 30mins at the latest. Eek!

Rather than scratch my brain out with anything too involved, I thought I’d sit back a little and try to get to know you all a little better.

And so I ask: How do you physically write?

Do you sit at your computer with a cup of coffee or a pot of tea? I drink herbal tea in the winter and water in the summer.

Do you prefer the keyboard or the pen? I enjoy both, but I tend to head to the pen when the internet starts to distract me too much.

Do you go through copious amounts of chocolate and call it inspiration? I’m a terrible chocoholic. The darker the better.

Do you surround yourself with images that aid your scenes? I sometimes pull up images of medieval villages or dark forests if they are the atmosphere I’m trying to create for my story.

Do you surround yourself with inspirational quotes from other writers? I have bible verses attached to my monitor. I also have a quote from James Scott Bell’s, Art of War for Writers, “Every moment spent whining about writing is a moment of creative energy lost.”

Are you a messy worker with papers and notes strewn everywhere? Or are you ordered with everything in its place? I’m a messy one (see pic). I have notes all over the house.

Do you need a view to write? Or do you hide yourself in a corner? I find that views distract me. To be honest, everything distracts me.

These are just a few questions to get an idea of what suits you as a writer. I’d love to hear what writing is like for you.


  1. Your writing space is lovely!

    I prefer pen on paper for poetry and the keyboard for my baby(wip). Oh, and a cup of coffee. I can write anywhere, as long as I'm sitting in a comfortable chair. I listen to music for inspiration. Latley, Alexi Murdoch.

  2. My broken body dictates how I write.

    Arthritis in my hands won't allow me to use a pen, and a back injury keeps me from sitting for very long unless I sit on one of those giant balance balls.

    It's brought new meaning to suffering for my 'art'.

  3. Hi Alexis, yes, a comfortable chair is essential.

    And yes, music is definitely great. Currently, the soundtracks from "The Dark Knight" and "Battlestar Galactica" series have been successful for my WIP. No voice, just a great mood.

  4. Maria, I love that your arthritis and back injury don't keep you from your art. It would be all too ease to use them as an excuse to stop.

    I can't sit in those balance balls. They hurt my back. Maybe I sit in them wrong?

  5. I'd just say YES to all of those!
    I do write faster and better if my workstation is clear and tidy. I love a clean environment - but the truth is, I rarely have it. :-)

    Great new blog design!

  6. I'm glad you like the new design. I've been faffing about with it for some time. I may still change the background a few more times, but at least I think I'm finally happy with the general layout...ish.

    Oh, the woes of a designer with limited time on her hands...

  7. I"m digging the new design.

    I write with my feet up and my lap top on my lap.

  8. Yes, laptops are great. I use my laptop in the winter so I can write in the sun :)

  9. I do my writing on my desktop at my very messy desk, but all my revisions I have to do in pen on the printed page. I know I'm a tree killer, but I can't help it. I wish I had a laptop, but for now that'll have to wait. I can't listen to music, it distracts me, but I might try a soundtrack.

  10. Oh, I don't have much of a routine. Different things work better for me on different days. But if there's some tea, a bar of 92% dark chocolate, a couple of pictures, the songs that I believe others wrote specifically for my characters, and a view, I'm a very happy woman.

    Messy or no, I'm a little jealous of your space. Our apartment is too small for me to have an actual desk of my own. Love the lights!

  11. Melissa - I do find printing the page is easier to revise. For some reason its easier to pick up mistakes when it's in print rather than on the screen.

  12. Rosie, 92% chocolate! wow. You like your chocolate bitter. Awesome.

    P.S. I would light the entire house with fairy lights if I could.

  13. i love your new design!
    i curl up in a ball on the armchair in front of our terribly messy computer desk. i have post-its with good quotes strewn everywhere. views would distract me, i NEED music (or else the noise from the three kiddos- who even make noise when asleep!- and two dogs distract me) coffee or vanilla chai in the a.m. and h20 late at night (sometimes dr. pepper if i'm stressed).

    THANK YOU for the idea of images!!! i'm going to have to try that!

  14. Aspiring, you sound like an...artist ;)
    Glad you like the new design :)

  15. To write, I need pen, paper, and inspiration. Matters not where, when, with what. As long as the ideas come, I flow.

  16. I need a pot of tea like you Lynda. I have a writing shawl
    which is perfect for the winter and lots of quiet. An empty house is not a must, but very preferred!
    Dorothy :)


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