Friday, June 3, 2011

A Bit about Me

Since I don’t often share much about myself on this blog, I thought today, being Friday I’d go off topic and take part in a Tag that’s been going around. I blame Carol Riggs for the diversion since she is the one who tagged me. My duty is to answer the following questions:

Do you think you're hot?
No, I’m freezing to death as the Aussie winter sets in (ok, well, maybe not ‘to death’, but it’s mighty chilly).

Upload a picture or wallpaper you are using at the moment.

Cough. This is a screenshot from World of Warcraft. I’m showing my geeky side.

When was the last time you ate chicken meat?
Last night. I cooked up a wintery feast of chicken drumsticks with chickpeas, pearl cous cous, mushrooms, fennel, onion and a creamy leek and potato sauce. Oh, and lots of garlic. I love garlic.

The song(s) you listened to most recently?
Erm… I haven't listened to any music in a while. At the moment I have the opening music of the Game of Thrones stuck in my head. 

What were you thinking as you were doing this?
Will anyone mind me posting off topic? Will anyone find this interesting? Gee, it’s so much easier to post writing tips!

Do you have nicknames?
Yes. Scumbag (by my brother), Channy (a derivation of my maiden name), Lynny (by those super close to me), and Lync (long story)…oh, and Pinki…and… yeah, I had more than I realised. I won’t list them all here.

Tag 4 blogger friends (you are It!)
1. Carol
2. Dezzy
3. Suze
4. Charmaine

Who's listed as number 1?
Carol Riggs, yes I know you’ve already been tagged but I’m tagging you back, so ner! Carol is a fantastic writer who recently snagged an agent. We are critique partners and I value her amazing advice and support.

Leave a lovey dovey message for number 2.
Dezzy-baby-hun, you are a fantastic human being who bakes, translates and cogitates. Your blog on Hollywood goss is amazing and you are a wonderful support and friend.

How did you get to know number 3?
I think I met Suze during the A-Z Challenge in April. Her posts swing from great fun to deeply thoughtful. All brilliant.

How about number 4?
A fellow Aussie, I got to know Charmaine through the blogging world and we finally met at a workshop during the Sydney Writers’ Festival. That was seriously great!

What do you think of Blogging Tags and Awards? How's your writing coming along?

Note: Flu is now just a cold and almost gone. YAY! Thanks so much for all your well wishes.


  1. Fun answers!! I like getting to know everyone a little better - but I'm always a little terrified of sharing about me! :)

  2. ah, you just want a cake from me :) But compliments can take you far with Dezzy :))I promise I'll put some garlic into your cake :P

    This was a very refreshing post, Lyndylove.
    Hooray for the defeat of the cold! Hope hubs has defeated the enemy too.

  3. I never would have pegged you as a World of Warcraft girl. :)

    Thank you for your kind words about my blog, Lynda. I credit you as giving me courage to keep integrating into the blogging community because of your comments and general friendliness. A hundred times thank you, dear friend. Blessings on your head.

  4. What fun answers(and your chicken meal sounds fantastic)!

  5. Cool image! And aren't brothers wonderful?

  6. Good post. I love how your brother's nickname was mentioned first. He must call you that a lot.

  7. Yeah, Lynda, no fun writing about yourself is it? What's with all this winter chill? Oh, you don't live in Queensland! Delicious up here. I'm heading to the beach for a coupla days, ha ha ha. So am.

    How come you only had to tag 4. No fair.


  8. It's always nice to know each other better. This is a nice tag and I like the lovey-dovey message part, lol..

  9. You DO have a lot of nicknames! Very cute. And it's nice to know a bit more about you (though your writing tips are fab)

  10. I like reading your blog; it is nice to learn a little about you.

  11. How fun...I definitely find it interesting! Brothers are a lot of fun!


  12. LOL I had chicken last night too!:D

  13. I loved reading these tidbits about you. So glad you shared them. You can never have too much garlic! Your brother is much nicer than my brother! Haha. I always enjoy reading about other bloggers. Always clever and interesting facts. This was fun!

  14. Don't mind the personal stuff a bit. First trip in, and the blog looks to be a VERY helpful source of tips and info.

    Consider me a follower, and thanks for all you do to help others with their craft!

  15. Jemi, hahaha I can sooo relate!

    Dezzy, hmm...garlic in a cake. I'm sure you could make it work! ;) Oh and hubs didn't end up getting the full-blown flu. He got a bit of a sniffle and that was all. No fair! ;)

    Suze, yeah, I've been playing WoW for 5-6 years now. Love my games. And a huge thank you in return. I didn't realise.

    Jess, hehe, it was.

    Alex, brothers wonderful? Hmmmmm... ;)

    Suzanne, he does indeed. :)

  16. L'Aussie, urgh! Take me with you to the beach! Oh, and I love breaking rules, hehehehe.

    Myne, hehe I'm sure Dezzy liked it too ;)

    Sarah, Yeah, I didn't realise lol. Thanks

    Anthony, thanks :)

    Carla, true. My brother is a riot.

    Emily, yum!

    LynNerd, I agree!!! No such thing as too much garlic. When my hubby asks if I've put garlic in dinner yet I say no and he has to look for the evil gleam in my eye to get the right answer ;)

    Bryce, oh thanks! That's a huge relief too. And welcome!

  17. I'm not really into blogging tags and awards. However, I do accept awards but I post them on a separate page away from my usual blogging stuff!

    Duncan In Kuantan

  18. LOL! My brothers and I didn't really give one another nicknames. Nice one! :O)

  19. I enjoy tags and awards. I also love learning more about you. :-)

  20. LOL!! Your brother is funny!!!! Awww great to know a little bit about you Lynda!! Take care

  21. That was well worth going off the usual path.

  22. Glad you're feeling better. Thanks for sharing about yourself! :D

  23. Interesting questions and answers. I've never been tagged for anything, but I've received a few awards. They can be fun. Have a GREAT day!

  24. What a unique pet name your brother has given you ;)

    Enjoyed reading your answers.

  25. It's great to learn more about you. :)

    It's freezing here and it's supposed to be summer.

  26. Duncan, yep, same.

    Madeleine, aw, you were missing out! ;)

    Misha, hehe thanks :)

    Old Kitty, that's one way of putting it hehehe ;)

    Michelle, thanks. I'll have to go off the path again on Monday because I'd forgotten about Alex's Game Blogfest I'd signed up for.

    Ibdiamond, thanks

    Rachna, hahaha yeah

    M Pax, ha Yesterday was super warm and gorgeous and it's winter! Maybe we swapped.

  27. I got tagged today, but it's slightly different that this one.

    I'm with your regarding Carol. I'm beta reading her book right now. :D

  28. You are a geek! But that's so cool. I love your wallpaper and your dinner sounds delicious.

  29. Eeek! I got tagged! :)
    Thanks for the insight - display the geeky side proudly.
    And it was great meeting you at the festival too. What a day that was.

    Thanks for the tag, this will be fun (the hardest part will be choosing just a handful of bloggers). Have a great weekend. I'll be enjoying the busy sites of Sydney again in few weeks for the big ol' Supanova.

  30. You are a NUT for tagging me back! Good thing you live too far away for me to smack you. LOL (kidding) Thanks for the lovely words, and so fun to read about you. Your dinner sounded very gourmet and delish!

  31. Hahaha! Great answers! But just why would your brother call you Scumbag? :)

  32. So what do you call your brother? Awards make me feel that someone enjoys my blog, which is good. I have never been tagged. I am not a writer, but I love to write. That is I have no goal to be published or have an e-book. But as I'm blogging along it gets more tempting to think in that direction, I must say.

  33. I liked your answers and got to know you a bit better! Thanks for sharing!

  34. Stina, Ha! That's fantastic :)

    Clarissa, and proud of it ;)

    Charmaine, Oh for some reason I thought Supanova already came and went.

    Carol, hahahaha. I love breaking the rules :)

    Emily, because I call him scumbag too...

    Canyon Girl, I'm a strong believer that if you love to write, then you are a writer. Publication is simply a bonus, not a necessity to call yourself a writer.

    Nas, thanks :)

  35. That chicken dinner sounds good! I loved learning a bit more about you.


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