Monday, April 25, 2011

Writers Unite

Writing in isolation is something we have to do – because it’s hard work; because of the focus needed; because it’s part of the craft. However, we must return to the world of the living again—

To be inspired
To be encouraged
To be refuelled
To help others
To learn from others
To live fulfilled lives.

Where do we gain our best support, our best source of fulfilment? Who best understands our creative minds? Who gives us the support we need?

Our families
Our friends
Other writers

Although our family and friends are precious, they may not always understand the writer in us, so this post is in honour of the much needed, sometimes neglected, pylons of strength: the writing community.

Writers Unite. Don’t underestimate the value of writing friends, critique partners, writing groups, writerly shoulders to cry on, creative cheer squads.

Here’s to YOU.
Thank you.

What do you love most about the writing community?

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  1. Best wishes for Easter. I'm still in the thick of the holidays, plus Australia has Anzac Day to celebrate as well. I will get to everyone's blog as soon as I can.


  2. Happy Easter Lynda R Young!!!

    Yay for Writer's Uniting!!!

    Take care

  3. Thanks for the great witer's unite post!

  4. Great post, Lynda, and so very true. Thanks for putting it into words. :)

  5. Yes. Other writers and critique partners understand what your family may not.


  6. I've said many times that writers need other writers. It's the only thing that keeps us sane.


  7. Great post. There's nothing like flocking together with your own kind. Writers Unite!

  8. I love the support that aspiring writers give to each other often selfishly helping each other not only in efforts to become published but even later on in promoting books and each other's work.

  9. YAY!! I LOVE our community!! I don't know what I'd do without all the friends I've made both in person and online. And YES I use the word "friend" on purpose, because that's genuinely how I feel. :D

  10. I get my motivation by seeing everyone else's successes. Love hearing about what other writers are working on.

  11. Happy Easter :) Great post!!

  12. What I like best about the writing community is the sense of camaraderie. I have yet to meet another writer who was not supportive an encouraging. Also, it is wonderful to have other people who understand my obsession with the written word, and in most cases, share it.

  13. Yes, it's the support and willingness to give to others that writers online possess.

  14. Thanks for your comments. And hope you are all having a great Easter break.

    Dezzy, yes exactly! Well said.

    Las Vegas, yep, it's awesome to see those successes

    Lisa, oh yes, the camaraderie is special.

  15. You've captured everything I feel about the writing community in your post - writers are the most supportive people I've ever known.

    Yesterday, when I told one of my brothers I'm probably having three months of work to write my novel this year, he didn't pass any kind of a comment. Did he or my sister-in-law ask what it was about? Nope. Not the slightest bit interested! So thank goodness for the writing community!

    Ellie Garratt

  16. So true! I'd be living in a vacuum if it weren't for my online writerly friends and their support!

  17. I love that others understand when even I don't!! The encouragement when I'm down with my writing and the awesome opportunities to watch others succeed!

  18. I enjoy the support. All you have to do is say "I write..." and you have something in common.

  19. Thanks Lynda for this wonderful post. I couldn't agree more. It is so hard to get family and friends to truly understand what goes into writing even though they are very supportive. But talking to writers they understand, they understand the commitment the feelings of rejection the sad times and the amazing times the times we finish a book and the times we get comments. Anyways I babble :) Great post.

  20. God bless all writers- keepers of story, language and posterity.

  21. great post, and so true Lynda! I don't know where I'd be without my writing buddies and critters. I doubt I'd have an agent... :o) ((hugs))

  22. I love all the positive support that other writers bring to one another. When we band together is very fulfilling!

  23. Definitely the support and the feedback. Great post :O)

  24. My best support comes from my husband and other writers here in the blogosphere and at the Compuserve Books and Writers Forum. Thoughtful comments and critiques are a must.

    My Celebrate Blogfest will kick off later this week. Hope to see you in the Shade of the Cherry Tree. ; )

  25. I definitely need to be alone to write, I can't focus with any noise, or the feeling someone is watching me.:)

  26. I love the support, the understanding, the open exchange of information, and the positivity.

    Great post, Lynda! :-)

  27. I am really glad I have found this writer's site and I intend to learn from it! I also write for pay (not my blog!) and your tips that I have read so far are excellent. (I almost wrote 'very' good--see, I'm learning!)

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